Breeze, Drummoyne
Embassy Tower, St Leonards
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Nettleton Tribe is an award-winning national practice, specialising in the design and planning of buildings and estates for over 40 years. Architecture is their passion and their profession. Their ideas from concept to detail, impact on the way in which people live and work.

As architects, Nettleton Tribe’s role is to balance their passion for design excellence with commercial reality, to create beautiful spaces and buildings within the urban environment.

The Jewel, Wentworth Point
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Turner sees interior architecture as a collaborative process, generating built environments that both serve their purpose well and bring delight to their occupants.

Their methodology for each project is to uncover the particulars of the site and its context, to thoroughly interrogate the brief, and to understand the processes required to create spaces that are thoughtfully considered, approachable, honest and unique.

The recipient of multiple awards, it is important to them that the spaces and environments they create will have lasting qualities that will remain relevant over time.